Bespoke Chocolates


Dollopy Choc Splat offer a great selection of gorgeous bespoke chocolates in West Yorkshire in a great range of services catering to all your chocolate needs.  

Whether you are looking for a bespoke chocolate box made up of our in house chocolates or want to commission a new range of  special or novelty chocolates for an upcoming event or occasion, we can help you!


Bespoke Chocolates At Your Finger Tips


Chocolates / Truffles With a Minimum Purchase of 1

95p Each


Bespoke Chocolate Novelties and Lollies 

Starting price £1.50


Bespoke chocolate in West Yorkshire.

Dollopy Choc Splat is an essential element of our Christmas gift list - handmade, hand boxed, beribboned chocolates individually chosen to make sure that the gift is full of favourites.  Steph is supremely professional, delivers on time and also makes absolutely delicious chocolate cakes, uniquely decorated for the recipient. I am very fortunate to have sampled a few!" 

Sandra, West Yorkshire







Bespoke chocolate in West Yorkshire. Chocolate lollies


Bespoke Chocolate Box

Boxes of chocolates can be made up in any combination of flavours, from a box of all one flavour to a fully assorted collection, and in any number. You choose.
These make perfect gifts for your close friends and loved ones and with a minimum purchase of 1 chocolate, these little boxes of love can be as small or as big as you like. 



Bespoke Chocolates

Do you have a particular flavour or chocolate in mind that you can't see on our list?  Then why not book a consultation in with our chocolatier  Steph and we can help you create luxury, bespoke chocolates specifically for your special event or occasion. 


 Novelty Chocolates

Want something a little wacky and out of the ordinary made from gorgeous tasting chocolate? Book a consultation with our chocolatier Steph and commission some great  luxury, edible gifts that can make people smile.

These make perfect gifts for bridesmaids and stocking fillers for the family.

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Collection and Delivery

Clients are encouraged to collect their ordered bespoke chocolates and cakes from our location in Halifax. 

We can arrange for delivery but this will come at an extra cost to the client.




Chocolate Parties 

Have fun with your friends and family making your own chocolates!

Steph will visit your party venue bringing with her everything necessary for you and your guests to create and package your own chocolates. She will bring truffle shells and a variety of her own recipe fillings, chocolate for piping, glitter, sprinkles, various sizes of boxes and bags, all things needed. At the end of the party you and each of your guest's will have their own creations to take home and enjoy or give away as gifts.

All you need is a kitchen / venue big enough to accommodate your number of guests and a table large enough for you all (plus Steph) to stand around to work. The ideal number of people is between 10 and 15, but larger parties can be catered for, and the minimum number is 4.  Access to a fridge for setting the chocolates, and a microwave oven for tempering chocolate are essential. Participating children should be no younger than 9 years old. (younger children find it difficult to manage piping bags).
The party usually takes roughly 2 hours, and there are a couple of breaks in the proceedings for setting time. These short breaks of roughly 20 minutes are an ideal opportunity to sing happy birthday, eat, drink and generally socialise whilst preparation is made for the next stage.

Small paper carrier bags are provided for taking finished boxes and packages of chocolates home, doubling as a super party bag! 
At children’s parties, guests like to decorate and personalise their party bags by drawing pictures on them, so, pencils and crayons at the ready.   


Chocolate Crafting Parties

Chocolate Parties



For the Session



Per Guest


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 bespoke chocolate in West Yorkshire. Chocolate Party


Bespoke chocolates in West Yorkshire, Child covered in chocolate

Bespoke chocolates in West Yorkshire